Friday, July 25, 2014

camp, chaos, i call it free time

My boys got this t-shirt from their camp this week.
They call it camp.
I call it free time to finish projects :)
On my list was an art project that required modge podge.
So I went to Hobby Lobby.
And no I didnt go directly to the glue section.
I wandered around.
I needed to look at lights you know.
Since I'm working on freshening up our guest room.
I'm trying to reuse what I have as far as linens.
But I've been thinking about new lamps.
So I wandered there first...


I like these gourd lamps...
And when they go on sale you basically get two for the price of one.
My kind of deal.

How about a sunburst mirror...

on a lamp???
Or nautical...

They werent on sale yet so I wandered on.
And stopped dead in my tracks.

Something about these looked awfully familiar.


Not all of these
but some of these were...
now has a line at Hobby Lobby.
Where have I been?
I saw these and texted my friend Julie
who just had the most beautiful baby Audrey.
I threw the bottom one in my basket for her.
And this one for my boys...
But they were half off!
Who could resist?
Not me.
I did resist this sign
although I need it in my life
for my kitchen...

Take it or leave it.
Love it!
And this cow spoke to me.

Once I figure out where he could go
he might just MOOOOve into my abode.
Of course I liked these too...


Thinking you could do this too
with leftover remnants if you love fabric like I do...

They had a new section full of black and gold...

and chalkboard art...

and lots of letters...

the ones above reminded me of ones
we've seen in Round Top.
They also had large canvas ones I've never seen before...

I knew I only had a little time
to get my projects done
so I grabbed my glue
{and my Lindsay Letters}
and went home to do some stuff.
I had a few of my favorite photos blown up
and using my modge podge
I put them on canvas
for some relaxed art work.
This now hangs above the boys' bed.



and a bigger shot of the marsh
near my sister's home
hangs in our hallway.
I've been playing around with this wall
for like ever
and finally decided to do a gallery wall
of what I love most...
marsh and clouds.
The one in the middle hides our thermostat.
I fixed a photo frame to the cover
with some 3M thingos...
it swings open when we need to adjust it
and the air flow around it isnt impeded at all.
Even the a/c guy had to ask where it was the other day.
He thought it was brilliant!
{He just might get the job to replace the whole system!}
The one bottom left is by one of our boys.
The little one on the bottom right?
I did that.
If you stand back it's not so bad.
I used gold paint on the edges of the canvas
and made a little accident detour to the front with gold paint.
It wouldnt wipe off so
I decided to continue all the way around
for a little frame like effect.
Not bad.
I think.
I also made a little gift for my husband.
He's a stamp collector.
I asked him to print out an enlargement
of a recent purchase of his.
Then I cut it out carefully
and modge podged it to a canvas
I play-painted with...

Not sure what I'll do with it
but I like it and so does he.
Then I took some oyster shells that I collected this summer
and my trusty new glue gun and voila...

I tried my hand at an oyster shell cross.
Tery...I tried but I need some tips. :)
By this time I had to run and get the boys...
but slowed down to take a picture
of the park where my husband proposed to me...
and then again walking from the car to the camp...
I loved getting so much done
but then I saw this...


and was happy to have my boys back with me.
Let the chaos begin again :)


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

ramblings - duct tape and a prayer

You may remember how I've had it on my list
to replace our front door.
For, oh, let's say four years now.
And maybe the shutters.
And oh yeah - limewash our brick exterior.
I sprung that one on the hubs recently.
He was against it until he saw a new neighbor
paint their brick house white...
now he's all like "maybe we should do something like that?"
You think? was my giddy response.
Having budget meetings becomes much easier
when it becomes their idea. :)
I mocked it up on photoshop.
That took me like a week to figure out.
I even joined instagram
so that I could follow the progress of
one of my favorite local bloggers Tricia
of little cottage on the pond
 who is in the midst of transforming
her new townhouse.
Its dreamy and its not even finished!
She was sweet enough to answer my emails
when I saw she replaced her doors and windows
and had questions of my own.
Did I mention my BFF from back home's
nickname for me is "question girl"?
Curious minds want to know.
So why not ask?
The bashful go hungry right?
So here I am dreaming.
And planning.
And list making.
Getting ready for the fall when school starts.
And some free time begins.
So right in the midst of all my planning
our air conditioner bit the dust.
And here's where I started singing that Nelly song.
Baby its gettin' hot up in here.
I just quoted Nelly.
How'd that happen?
Either way it ain't pretty.
My singing or the heat.
And its not gonna be cheap to fix either.
So I'm outside last night with the A/C repair guy.
And he's quoting me $7000 to replace it.
One unit.
We need two.
"Um, can we use some duct tape to stop the leaks?"
I said serious as a heart attack.
He smiled at me like I was kidding.
Um, yeah, no, I'm serious.
I have a whole big roll in my junk drawer.
I can run and go get it.
Ruben the repair guy just stared at me like I was nuts.
Maybe I am.
But it might just work too.
Writing that chore down for this afternoon.
So I'm dreaming of duct tape fixing all my problems
and Ruben goes "I'm really sorry to give you this bad news."
Here's where you know something's going on in my heart.
Instead of pitching an internal hissy fit
of what house projects are now going on hold
what came into my heart was this...
something that I'm sure Ruben
was not expecting me to say...
I told him:
I hate what you're telling me
but seriously I've been expecting this.
Every year y'all add freon and tell me I need a new system.
And every year I tell you that I'm running it til it dies.
Duct tape and a prayer is how we roll round here.
And its not really bad news in the whole scheme of things.
I'd rather hear this news
than a story that my neighbor told me this weekend.
The story of a young man, a friend of their teenage sons,
who was accepted to many top colleges across this great nation.
Due to start school in NC next month,
he was driving back from volunteering at a church camp
and stopped for gas on the outskirts of Houston.
He pulled out of the gas station
and got t-boned.
He's been in a coma since.
That's bad news.
And our beloved neighbor
who is so kind to our boys
and visits with them nearly every day
when he sees them outside
who told us about this young man?
Well his lovely wife
has been battling a recurrence of cancer.
For three years now.
Stage IV.
That's bad news.
I'm sure Ruben was like what in the world?
I kept on with
'my neighbor finished telling us the story
of this young man in an accident
with this pearl...
"you know you get news like that
and you tell yourself
we have no problems whatsoever.
not a one.'
I had to turn away from him.
It made me cry."
Needing a new a/c unit or two -
its a pain but not a problem.
Not so much.

Hoping I always remember
to count my blessings everyday
rather than think
 of little things as problems.
I have no problems.
Just blessings.
And for that I am oh so thankful.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

still obsessed with peacock mirrors - two sizes, both on sale

You know I'm obsessed with peacock mirrors.
It all started with Wisteria's gigantic version
Gigantic in that it measures
60 inches wide and 48 inches high.
Its price tag is pretty gigantic too.
You might remember that I about died when I realized I missed
Pier One's version and went so far as to email them
to see if there was one, somewhere, heck anywhere
in one of their facilities.
No but thank you came their reply
when I kindly asked
if they would reissue it.
No, we don't do that, they said.
{Um...turns out they do
and they did...
reissuing it
 as the "Golden Medallions" mirror
but I digress.}
So I waited.
And stewed.
And finally the gods of design knock offs listened
and Z Gallerie made me the proud owner
of their version of the peacock mirror...

Where am I going with this?
Well, I was looking for a mirror for a friend.
You may know that I love solving d├ęcor mysteries...
like where can I find something for less...
well, I was searching for a mirror for a friend
when I stumbled on this...
It resembles my baby version
but its ginormous in size
like the original from Wisteria
sizing up at 55.5 inches wide by 48 inches high.
Best part?
Its more than a thousand dollars less.
Like the look but don't have the space?
Well today is your absolute lucky day
because I double checked
{remember I'm like a bulldog with a bone some times}
and the smaller version
from Pier One
is still available
and ON SALE!!!!
FOR $225!!!!!!
OK, I'll calm down.
You know I'm excited when I start typing in all caps.
So if you too are obsessed with Wisteria's peacock mirror
then I think you should make a move on one of these beauties.
You're welcome.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

is it just me?

or does the print on this chair

remind you of this fabric?

Maybe just a teensy bit?
Call me crazy but that's what came to mind
when I first saw the chair online.
 {You can also get the same fabric on an x-base bench.}

And a little deal alert
should you be searching for
an affordable
great green geometric accent chair...
You might remember my friend Allison
purchased two of these chairs recently
when we staged her house for sale...
I promise you they look divine in person
and they're now on sale for $102 each.
Plus you get free shipping.
And what's not to love about that?

Another thing you know I love
is Schumacher's Chiang Mai print.
I used it for pillows in the mocha color way
in our master bedroom

and for the roman shade in our kitchen.

It might be a bit much but I don't care.
I don't know how long
this color way has been available
but for some reason
its new to me.
 I thought I'd share it here
in case you're into the pink and green
color combination
{thinking of you Christine}
{and you Susan!
What about this for your living room update?
Just don't tell your husband.
He'd ban me from your house.
I think he sees me and feels a drain on his wallet :) }

How about another hit of Chinoiserie from Target?

{that was also recently on One Kings Lane I might add}

It reminds me of
Schumacher's Shantung Silhouette print.
I could play this game all day long.
How about you?
Found any affordable adaptations you care to share?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Palmetto Bluff Southern Living Idea House... part duex

In case you missed part one of this house tour
you can see it here.
If you're ready to see the rest of the house then
grab a drink, a seat, and take a load off.
Here we go...
The master is just off the main family room.
Nice and relaxing isn't it?
The bedding is from 
{of course}
available at Dillard's.

I like that they used a huge piece of art
rather than a television on the wall.

Also notice the door to the back patio.
Turn around and you're lead down a hall
past the master closet.
To the left is my side,
I mean I think this would be the woman's side...

note the barn doors on both sides.
And the other side is pretty fantastic too.

Standing right here
looking ahead is this gorgeous sight...

Look at the floors would you?
Loved these floors.

The left side is the shower...

The right side is for le toilette...

Not sure I like the window placement
but I'm not living here.
I did hear the house was already sold.
Without the furniture it was noted.
I would have negotiated for that personally.

Looking back towards the bedroom
you see the closets on either side.


and a better picture of the floors.

Not sure if I shared these pics
of the family room yet...

Once you exit the master bedroom
you walk through the family room and towards the left
to find your way upstairs...

I love the walls
and the little bench and frame on the landing.
Perfect little touch.

Love the little landing
but wait until you see the big landing...
Its a beautiful sitting area
that overlooks the family room below...
 and also look back over this railing
to see the front door
So that's back and front
let's go left and right.
Follow that guy right there
and you'll enter the bunk room.

I was expecting bunk beds.
Weren't you?
The only thing missing in my opinion?
They should have added drawers underneath for storage.
Heading back down this hall
you pass by a shared bath
Then onto the guest room...
with a view...
and little details...
Simple and lovely.
I'd never leave.
On the opposite side of the house upstairs
are two other bedrooms,
each with their own bath.

Perfection in a boys room.
I love it all.
Especially the painted trim on the windows.

The boys' bathroom...very masculine.

They covered the storage with curtains...

 And last but not least the girls' room.

Again with lake views.


Similar bath rooms
with the same tiles but laid out slightly different
and the same curtain cover-up for bath storage.




 Lastly let me leave you with a few little details I loved
like the ceilings above the family room...

and the walls...

and finally the steps that go up to the secondary bedrooms...

I love the little notch on either side.
Love it.
I know these are picture heavy posts.
Sorry about that.
I think.
More of them to come though
when I show you the back porches...
if you like to entertain
you'll be thrilled.