Thursday, February 11, 2016

three things Thursday

Anybody else wondering where the week has gone?
I blinked and its Thursday.
Before I get to sharing some of my favorite recent finds
I want to say thank you for your kind comments 
and private emails that you sent 
after my last post about jumping in spite of over fear.
As I dig deeper into Daring Greatly its like one ah-ha moment after another.
Especially when it comes to self doubt and self compassion.
I'm working on a post about what I'm figuring out
but until then let's just delve into something fun shall we?
Herewith three recent finds that make me happy...

I think we can agree that I'm in love with It Cosmetics.
I think either I should look into buying stock
they should call me to be an It Girl on QVC.
I'm no model but the transformation in my skin 
when I use their products is ridiculous.
Thanks to my insomnia which leads to late night TV watching at times
I bought a "today's special value" kit on QVC.
{Until the credit card bill came in and then it got real.}
Here's the TSV It kit I scored...

Two things.
One...a today's special value is, duh, good for one day only.
This kit is no longer available but the individual pieces are.
Sorry about that.
Two...dont be fooled by the colors of the products.
Because I admit i thought the same thing.
Like "WOW that sure is PINK."
But based on previous purchases 
and the fact that I'm a beauty product junkie 
I just went for it,
figuring the savings on the brushes alone was well worth it.
The kit was under $60 whereas if you buy separately the brushes alone are $48.
I'm no dummy.
I was in.
I chose the medium foundation when ordering and held my breath.
When the package arrived a few days later 
I admit when my opinion of the pink stayed the same.
It looked bright pink but one morning I decided to just put it on anyway.
What could it hurt right?
Let me start by saying that the foundation itself,
is THE best foundation I have ever put on my skin.
I was hesitant at first because I wasnt sure how to apply it.
The kit came with the brush but there's a sponge puff as well,
which is what i've been using.
It covers everything and like their website says
its like confidence in a compact.
It covers my rosecea and under eye circles without looking like a mask,
plus its hydrating, color correcting, anti aging, and has an SPF 50 to boot.
Its all that and a bag of chips.
I like it even better than their "your skin but better" foundation
 I told you about a few months ago.
And that's saying something.
The blush in the kit is their CC+ Vitality blush in Je Ne Sais Quoi.
Its bright pink in the pictures but when I put it on
its the prettiest pale pink like a touch of sun from outside.
I love it and that's saying something
because for a person with rosecea 
I typically try to cover any color on my skin
so to put some back on after foundation is a compliment 
in my book plus the creme feeling turns to more like a powder
and I have to say that the first time I put it on 
I thought that it was I had been looking for and never found.
Until now.
And I'm not looking for a new blush ever.
This is it.
Rounding out the kit was their "Blurred Lines" lipstick in Je Ne Sais Quoi.
I'm much more of a gloss girl but I will say that the color 
{on me at least}
is much more of a peach than a pink 
even though it looks PINK.
I like the texture and the fact that it doesn't dry out my lips
like I've found most lipsticks do on me personally.
I put it on first then apply my favorite It Gloss on top.
I'd order Blurred Lines lipstick again but maybe try a different color.
Just being honest ;)
You can try It Cosmetics in person at Ulta
but if I were you I'd definitely sign up for their emails
to find out about deals and their upcoming QVC shows
because honestly I've found their kits to be the best way
to save money and to try new to me products I wouldn't 
perhaps randomly try on my own.

That was three things but let's group it into one shall we since it was a kit?
Real quick because I'm going to be late to help a friend...

This lotion is the bomb-diggity if you have skin issues like i do...
my kids' pediatric dermatologist recommended this brand
for his lizard like eczema... 

I put it him for the first time 
and then rubbed the excess on my own dry skin.
The next day I thought "hmmmm...i must be doing something right"
because there was a noticeable improvement in my dry skin.
I stopped to think about what I had done the night before 
and it hit me...excipial.
New fan here!
I bought it at CVS just fyi.

Lastly this bar is a lifesaver for me...

I think I mentioned it here before
that because of my skin issues etc
I changed my diet last summer.
I have a long blog post about it that I need to finalize
but I reach for this when I don't have time to cook
or I haven't planned a meal and I'm buys me some time.
I get them at Sams and also at amazon.

I'm officially late.
Rena I'm on my way ;)
Making wedding favors for her daughter's big fat Greek wedding next month.
I can't wait!

Friday, February 5, 2016

the biggest DIY of my life

I'll admit I got into real funk around the holidays.
I did.
Not gonna lie.
Thanksgiving and Christmas are usually my faves.
Not last year.
Life happened last year.
It sucks and its real but there's no changing it.
Then suddenly the new year came and my heart felt lighter
and I got this feeling like
let's get 'er done.

Monday, February 1, 2016

house in the 'hood

I admit I haven't been stalking listings on my beloved lately.
You may remember that we decided after the losses in our family
last spring to stay where we were planted
while our hearts were healing.
I didn't stop intentionally but my heart just wasn't in it.
Until recently ;)
Even my husband, my partner in real estate stalking,
is mentioning new houses and empty lots.
I've told him not to tease unless he's serious.
Because you KNOW I would jump at the bit
to design and build a dreamy new home.
Until then I'm back to looking for ideas.
Herewith is my favorite house in the 'hood...
its sale pending but we can look and dream any way...

This kitchen had me at hello.
I'd never leave this kitchen.
I wouldn't.
I'd just sit and stare all day.
What's not to love?

Friday, January 22, 2016

current state of mind

Not sure if I told you this before
but my husband and I -
we're big nerds.
So much so that every year end
we write down goals for the new year.
We may not make the deadline exactly
but slowly but surely we get stuff done.
Except this year we only talked about a list.
As in we need to write our list.
But honestly I think my husband said it all
when he declared to the kids and I
that this year,
was going to be all about thankfulness.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

three things I'm obsessed with

You know I'm a sucker for a little hint of leopard print,
particularly when it comes on a shoe.
I saw these before the break while I was shopping for gifts
and they may have found their way into my cart.