Thursday, October 20, 2016

daring greatly

I hope this isn't the case
but beware that this is yet another Brene Brown post.
She did it again.
Made me want to shout her praises again.
Because just last week I emailed my peep Holly
about my favorite quote from Brene's "Daring Greatly" book.
{It's actually a quote by Theodore Roosevelt
but Brene made me love it.}
I emailed Holly to see if she knew where I could get
a "pretty" version of the quote because you know
I'm a sucker for cool fonts and quote boxes.
Holly is such a doll.
She said if we can't find one, we could make our own.
I know.
She's my tribe and as talented as the day is long.

Friday, October 14, 2016

the skin I'm in...still the one{s}

By now you know I'm a self-professed beauty product junkie.
If that is wrong I don't want to be right.
A dear friend of mine knows how I roll in this department
and recently asked what new stuff I was using.
I'm pretty sure I surprised her and myself
when I said not much.
I've kind of gotten into what I think is a pretty good routine.
My skin is really behaving since I cut out wheat.
{Although I admit with my kids birthday,
then my own earlier this week
I fell off the wheat wagon and indulged in 
some heavy carb loading...
nearly bordering on gluttonous inhalation
of buttery bread and birthday cake
like both were going out of style.
But its back on the saddle again,
which both sucks and is good for me at the same time.}
If only I could get gravity to cooperate 
and stop pulling parts of me down
I'd be all good. Ha!
Since I can't fight gravity
I try to fight wrinkles with a few things...

Monday, October 10, 2016

boho bedding

I'm happy, no, make that ecstatic
that it really and truly feels like fall here.
Leaves are even falling off the trees.
{Although that could be the record heat too. Ha!}
October is absolutely my favorite month of the year.
Truly if we could keep it like this all year I would.
Not sure if that has anything to do with the fact
that since I turned 30 {mumbling} years ago
I celebrate the entire month of October
not just my birthday.
If that's wrong I don't want to be right. Ha!
BTW...a very happy belated birthday to Mary Ann.
October babies rock ;)
Whether its your birthday or not
I hope this month is treating you well so far.

Somehow, well, I know how but its a truly long story,
one I'm sure I'll write about here soon,
somehow I started updating a couple of rooms in our home.
Three bathrooms.
That turned into three baths and a couple of bedrooms.
Because that's the way my brain works.
Domino decisions y'all.
No pretty before and afters...yet.
Stay tuned for that.
But I thought I'd share some cool boho bedding I've found
in case you're looking to do some updating yourself.

It started with this print...


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Holly Mathis pop-up shop

It feels like fall y'all.
Besides the glorious weather that rolled in this morning
{and by glorious I mean non-sauna like conditions}
it also means its time for Round Top.
You can see previous posts on the antique mecca here and here.
Twice in the past week I've stopped just before getting to Round Top,
instead heading into the beautiful, bucolic Brenham, Texas.
Better known for being the home of Blue Bell Ice Cream
it also has the most charming little downtown area
where my sweet friend Holly Mathis 
has turned part of her work/office space into a retail shop!
She has a cool collection of home decor items 
from small {candles, books, decorative tchotchkes}
to large {chairs, benches, painted hutches} 
and every size in between {pillows, wall art}.
Don't take my word for it though.
You know me.
I have an iphone and I'm not afraid to use it...

always in a southern state of mind

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I thought I'd start this week with a Monday post
but here it is Wednesday.
I would say "how'd that happen?" as in
how there's not enough time in the day
but honestly all hell broke loose in our 'hood on Monday.

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